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Corporate Services

If you are buying or selling a business, you should use a specialist corporate lawyer. At CCS we have many years of experience advising on deals worth anything from nominal value up to £30m.

What you should expect as standard is that your deal will be built on sound legal foundations and on commercial terms which are properly thought through.  Enormous pride is taken in ensuring that these objectives are achieved and that our clients complete their transaction with a full and clear understanding of their contractual obligations and risks.

At Crooks we can help you with transactions across a broad spectrum of industries including certain discrete areas of practice such pharmacy transactions.

Our range of services include those listed opposite.

Services Summary

  • Lead advisory for buying and selling shares or assets
  • Management led buy-outs
  • Specialist company share structures
  • Company and group restructuring
  • Advising directors and shareholders
  • Advising partnerships and limited liability partnerships
  • Exit planning and share schemes
  • Loans & security
  • Pharmacy Sales